We have been violated as a nation

The medical community is cowering to the FDA MME guidelines without concern for the health and safety of their patients.
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We have been violated as a nation

Post by admin » Thu May 16, 2019 11:57 pm

The Violation of a Nation
We have been violated, as a nation

SOURCE: Click Here below
http://herald-citizen.com/stories/intra ... ealed,4542

SOURCE: Click Here below
http://www.worldofpain.org/words-of-pai ... f-a-nation

Authored by: Jayne Flanders & Andrew Auell

We have been violated, as a nation. Our private health information has been shared under the guise of public safety, and used to draft legislation that can severely limit and impact our lives as chronic illness and disabled patients. The purpose of this study goes deeper than us losing access to saving medications, the actual purpose seems to be social engineering of our behavior and eradication of disease, disability, and illnesses in order to save the government money and to “promote health and wellness”. We have unknowingly sacrificed liberty for what we were told would be safety. ​

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The implementation of this study, was slipped into a subsection of the Affordable Care Act. The motivations behind the study was to explore the massive problem of low back pain and arthritis and other common chronic ailments, as they cost the government millions each year. It all comes down to money, greed, and the best way to cut spending.

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself how you didn’t know you were part of a study, and the answer is because it was designed that way; different sections of public healthcare programs were tasked with acquiring specific information on patients. Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, or PDMP’s, are state programs created to prevent drug diversion. They were originally created to prevent drug abuse, but have morphed into scoring patients by their experiences, pill count, diagnoses, and other degrading factors such as sexual assault history, religion, and sexuality. Based on your “score”, a doctor or pharmacist can decide that you don’t “deserve” your life saving medication. Other ways they have collected information, has been through surveys and questionnaires about your hospital stay, doctors visit, and other healthcare experiences. Billing and Insurance companies also play a big part, as they have access to diagnostic codes, visits, and any procedures you may or may not have.

To make sure that people continue to “participate” in their study and for these programs to continue receiving healthcare information about us, the government is going a step further to loosen the “informed consent” laws as well as loosen HIPAA protections for patients.

While these alone seem like relatively harmless programs, when you put all the information that is being collected together it forms your electronic health record. While Electronic Health Records are supposed to be a “good thing” (that’s debatable), when they are used in a malicious manner, it can suddenly become very dangerous. While tracking public health outcomes may help us further medicine and healthcare, they must be used properly. Using Electronic Health Record in order to create draconian legislation for the means of controlling the populations behavior and eradicating illness, is morally corrupt and a gross violation of our freedoms as Americans.

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The research being done on American citizens without their informed consent, their willingness to volunteer, and comprehensive knowledge is not only bad medicine, it’s completely unethical. A large part of any valid scientific study is making sure the methods used are ethical, scientifically valid, and applicable. The participants must give something known in the scientific community as “informed consent.”

Informed consent is only obtained when the subject of the study is made aware of the risks to that treatment, the possible outcomes, the possible benefits and the willingness to participate in such study. Anyone that has undergone a surgical procedure is familiar with this process of signing your name to give them consent to perform the procedure. Most research entities and clinical studies have entire ethics boards to ensure that no one is being unreasonably harmed in the pursuit of the knowledge obtained. This has been entirely violated by the research being done on American citizens.

How can informed consent be given if patients are unaware of the risks to treatment or non-treatment? How can we call this study scientifically valid if we’re knowingly causing harm to human beings and preventing them from relief from chronic, incurable pain? Most importantly, how is this not considered torture? Severe pain that’s been left untreated can cause many physical and emotional problems, including severe depression, isolation and vascular problems such as stroke. It would be tragic and quite devious to ignore the societal implications of this happening. Not only are our chronically ill citizens suffering unnecessarily, but they’re being driven further into the hole created by the outrageous cost of medical treatment. When the affected party is already economically disadvantaged, that cost is often shifted (either directly or indirectly) to the American taxpayer. This causes an increased burden that transcends the “standard” economic barriers that protect various classes of the American public; whether they be advantaged or disadvantaged.

Within the past month, we’ve seen drug companies exposed for purposefully misleading both doctors and patients in order to sell more of a drug for non-approved purposes. We’ve seen that the giant corporations that claim to be aiding in solving a crisis are actually looking only for the dollar signs hidden in the thick of this all.

The massive amount of money that the Government is trying to save by effectively tossing legitimate patients to the curb is being picked up by devious executives and being spent on the care for the same patients for the extra care they now need. Effectively, the money hasn’t actually been saved so much as it has been used as a sort of “shell game” like you see at carnivals and county fairs. They’ve put the money in one cup, whirl it around the table with the empty ones, and the money appears somewhere else. The person running the table declares that it’s magic and the shell is gone (money has been saved), but it’s just under a different cup. Many people stand to make money off of what’s happening to our most vulnerable sect of the population, and most of America is still happily exclaiming that the original cup is empty.

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It’s almost as if, taking away life saving medicines from those of us with severe diseases is a test, to see how many of us will survive. It seem that the powers that be are almost trying to create an eerie dystopian, “Hunger Games” society, where only the compliant and “profitable” citizens survive. Many in our community who are disabled and chronically ill rely on government run programs like social security and affordable healthcare to survive, and they’ve turned our serious health situation and our lives into a game.

To wrap the promise of affordable healthcare, into a degrading involuntary study that seems to be a modern day form of eugenics? That is a terrifying and extremely corrupt practice that our federal government seems to be partaking in.

This crisis is far deeper than any of us could have imagined. Now is the time for us to SPEAK UP, so consider this an official “Call To Action”.

​Our full report and proposal is linked on our website below:

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You should take the proposal and the research those of us here at CIAAG have found, and you should run with it. Take it to your legislators, give a copy to your doctors, your pharmacists, your teachers, and your family and friends. Use the hashtag #ViolationofaNation on all your social media platforms, and help us get this information trending! What is being done to us is unethical and inhumane, and quite literally a violation of our nation.

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Disclaimer: The previous article is based upon the opinion of the two authors. This opinion was formulated by independent research and is in no an attack or implication of anyone involved in running the mentioned programs or others.These views and opinions in no way represent CIAAG, it’s partners, affiliates, executives, subsidiaries, volunteers, members, or other contributors.]

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