Suicide due to chronic pain 001 - YouTube video

Suicides among pain patients, including veterans and seniors, have spiked. Pain patients who could function and hold jobs have had to leave the workforce after being cut off. Forced reductions in the production of opioid medications is felt in hospital emergency rooms, even in hospices where end-of-life cancer patients have had to suffer.
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Suicide due to chronic pain 001 - YouTube video

Post by admin » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:18 pm

Suicide due to chronic pain among pain patients who are cut off to detox unsupervised, or rapid tapers left suffering and helpless. These kinds of torture are banded under international law. But, for pain sufferers in America it's standard practice. If you survive fine, if you die from stroke or heart attack that's fine with the medical community and our government too.

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