Crony Capitalism, Rejection of DEA Data in New PA Opioid Bill Proposa

There is no slow down to legislators, governors, politicians just on a freight train to ending pain relief for the elderly, sick and helpless. It amounts to state sponsored torture what they are doing and planning.
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Crony Capitalism, Rejection of DEA Data in New PA Opioid Bill Proposa

Post by admin » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:53 pm

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Crony Capitalism, Rejection of DEA Data in New PA Opioid Bill Proposal
Citizens no longer even need an Associate’s Degree to practice Medicine. Who knew?
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Heather Wargo
Apr 9
Pennsylvania, the home of state AG “please diagnose your friends and neighbors at a glance and report whatever you ‘think’ to an anonymous website”- Shapiro has a new bill sitting in committee.

This bill is introduced by anti opioid warrior Representative James Brewster.

Brewster has ran unopposed the last two elections.

Brewster loves to talk “truth” about opioids… He holds a bachelor’s degree in education. Making him an expert in medicine and pharmacology. More so than the UN.

As you know, any and all can practice medicine these days.

Spouting whatever media tidbit provided by groups like PROP as “facts”.

100% false “facts.”

Surprisingly, even The Philly Inquirer Editorial board spoke out on the particular lunacy of “Brewster’s Bill” as they dubbed it.

Jim Brewster is the representative for the 45th Senatorial District. That means Mr. Brewster is in charge of legislation representation of most of Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties.

The truth about the counties he represents?

Illicit fentanyl dominates the ODs.

He knows it. The DEA told everyone definitively in October 2018, if legislators were still pretending it was “prescription opioids”.

Meth has officially left the building as a conversation piece.

Why, I have no idea, because meth deaths have more than tripled nationally in two years!!

How handy for Rep. Brewster that I happen to have a hard copy.

Here we see the reality of actual data. How inconvenient.

Does it matter?


The DEA report illustrates the trend across the state of Pennsylvania as a whole.

So why go after prescription opioid medication and prescribed opioid therapy?

Well, thankfully, Rep. Brewster provides the answer to that brain buster on his taxpayer funded website.

He really is such a thoughtful legislator.

screenshot access by author on April 7 2019
What is fascinating is this entire premise is framed as “either/or”.

Medical marijuana or prescribed opioids. Never, ever concurrent. The horror!

Why? It makes no logical sense to anyone who understands biology, chemistry, or pharmaceuticals.

C’mon, teach!

Perhaps the new people practicing medicine in state assembly in PA can explain it to us dummies.

After all, they are practicing medicine without licensure via legislation.

Down to telling physicians how much of exactly what medication to prescribe to which patients.

None of these people have medical degrees or pharmacology degrees. And if they are ALL voting on this matter, they ALL should be required to, dontcha think?

We cry foul over parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids, some demanding they be jailed.

Yet, we allow this?? We encourage it.

We allow these people — some of these people don’t even have any college education — to decide advanced medical theory and pharmacology?

Based on no better information than those moms reading blogs on vaccines.

I promise you that. It’s been proven by our own government the things they are told by the invested interests are flat wrong. NEJM.

They have refused to listen in a manner that is bewildering to behold. Almost…

Even Columbia Journalism Review, a highly respectable publication, published a piece obliterating the “facts” promoted by their colleagues as truth.

It was ignored. Completely.

There are only so many times one can post these facts, post these links, show people the truth… before just stopping in wordless astonishment upon the realization none of them are interested in actual truth.

This bill may pass as is.

It may not.

We will see what the future few months bring. I know I talk to legislators in PA and most of them are kind and caring. Some aren’t, but that is life.

Pixabay by QuinntheIslander
Remember, state legislators are the same people, by association to their “big brothers and sisters” — National Senators and Reps, who don’t bother to read bills before they pass them anyway. They have to pass legislation first, read later. That is the hallmark of successful employment, isn’t it?

Your boss would be okay with that, wouldn’t she/he?

We need to begin to really be thoughtful about things here. This is their job. They are not any better, smarter or more worthy than the person next to them in line at Wells Fargo. Why has society elevated them to be so?

Think about all of this in that metric, for just one moment, if at all possible.

Think about the opioid crisis as… say, an office job. The crisis and all entailed in trying to deal with the ineptitude, the lies, the machinations and the crony capitalism.

Here is an analogy of that:

Say your boss gave you a printer at work that was malfunctioning, told you to take it in to have it repaired.

by @alriravola on Unsplash
You took it to a floral shop to have it repaired.

Your boss is incredulous. “Why?” he demands to know.

“Why what? My best friend works there and will give me half price on the repair,” you say.

“But… it’s a floral shop!” your boss says.

“What does that matter?” you ask. “We are coming out ahead.”

Your boss is unable to get you to understand how nonsensical this is.

A month later, you return.

“Hey, my friend told me they couldn’t fix that printer because they are a floral shop,” you say to your boss.

He looks at you in utter amazement.

“I know! I told you that!”

You ignore this because it’s not relevant.

“I’m not done. They found a place that fixed it for us. But it will only print a quarter of the pages it used to print per print job and it will use twice the ink,” you say as you hand him the printer, looking worse for wear. “Here’s the invoice.”

His eyes widen as he looks at the total. He has no idea that buried in that total are cuts for you and your BFF, as well as a middle man.

You know he can’t fire you, as you walk away.

You were hired because of who you know, and who you know is much more important than him.

Today is a pretty good day, looks like


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