The Violation of a Nation Part I

There is no slow down to legislators, governors, politicians just on a freight train to ending pain relief for the elderly, sick and helpless. It amounts to state sponsored torture what they are doing and planning.
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The Violation of a Nation Part I

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The Violation of a Nation Part I
The Secret Government Study that Leveraged the Opioid Crisis

SOURCE: Click Here below ... 3f189ce0f0

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Heather Wargo
Apr 12

Just about every patient I advocate for in the incurable painful disease patient community has asked me one question I was never able to answer.

Because it also danced in MY mind.

Why are they doing this to us? Why are they taking medicine away from people like us?

The data wasn’t supporting what all the pundits said on the news.

The media was desperately pushing a narrative.

But why?

The Plan
The United States Government, through the CDC, has implemented a massive society based clinical trial/population based study, largely executed through the creation of the Centers for Disease Control’s 2016 Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing for Treatment of Chronic Non Cancer Pain. This is real, it is true.

Not one Congressional or Senatorial office denied this when confronted with the evidence.

Senator Gillibrand’s office pathetically tried to gaslight the whistleblower. While responding, the whistleblower says, “It is clear to me this is about liability, not the public’s health and livelihood.” Her staffer sneered, “Of course, it’s about liability!”

The evil plot originated in Washington State in the late 2000's, when a group of powerful men and women met to discuss how fed up they were with paying out worker’s comp, along with their unshakeable belief that people who use opioid medication to control pain are “just sitting at home getting high” instead of being a productive worker. Most of them firmly believe opioid therapy users are just junkies.

Participants included future PROP (Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing) members who had been studying workers comp since the 90’s, along with stakeholders in data surveillance, universities, social marketing, media, and of course, the main driver — insurers. They began pushing and publishing study after study to craft the narrative they wanted.

March 23, 2010, the ACA was rammed into law, unread, granting HHS, CDC, and the Office of the Surgeon General powers previously unheard of.
2010/2011 Dozens of innocently named agencies were formed, all with one purpose — getting patients completely off their opioid therapy — we will see these all listed in Part II and what they “do”. Section 4305 of the ACA was about pain management and void of most targeted particulars.

2010 — Present Surveillence of citizens through Brandeis’ PDMPs begins through widespread state system use. No consent obtained, of course. Taxpayer funded.
2012- The Institute of Medicine (those sneak thieves who renamed themselves the “Health and Medicine Division” the day the CDC Guidelines were issued) quietly published an e-book titled “Living Well with Chronic Illness- A Call for Public Health Action” — basically the groundwork for the CDC guidelines, it calls for a study to be performed of every single population in America. (except WHITE MALES). It sets the stage for pain to be dismissed and for people to be gaslighted if they say they have pain.

2013- ongoing The Boomers are becoming old, sick, disabled, and in pain. Many of whom were injured in war or gov. jobs. The largest working generation was going to be cashing in their legit earned Social Security. This is not wanted or desired. Instead, our eugenicists wanted to make it hell on earth for those Boomers, so their money stayed in the gov. See part II.

2014 Appriss uses a study done in Ohio to unleash Narxcare, a “ranking system” that uses proprietary algorithms to practice medicine, telling a doctor whether or not a patient should or should not receive medication based on a score. Even recommending rehab. Patients are never told about this system or scoring, in fact patients are told they are not allowed to know.
2016. 03.16 — Six Building Blocks Grant Funds — THE COUP de GRACE — DAY the CDC Guidelines were Issued, March 16, 2016, HHS released funding to the states. Monetary grants were given, millions of dollars. States received these from HHS to begin implementing the “6 Building Blocks” Plan through the Office of Surgeon General National Prevention Strategy’s National Prevention Council (one of those lovely ACA groups). THE DAY OF THE GUIDELINES — — The exact grants & grant numbers will be shown in Part II. (side note — remember this when FDA attempts to dazzle with their breathless release of “We pledge $20 million to fight illicit fentanyl!”) Wow, how generous to pledge pocket change to fight an actual proven killer of American teenagers/young adults. It’s like they don’t even care, or something.

2010/2012/2015/2018- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)- National Guideline Clearinghouse is officially defunded on July 16, 2018 after several attempts, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016… This agency was the overseer to “produce evidence to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable, and affordable, and to work within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used” as per their original mission statement- lost to the ether. Of course this place has to go. It has been replaced with a newer vision — The 6 Building Blocks!! How circular!
Ongoing — Pain Advocacy Groups/ Social Media infiltration by Government Agents. This will be discussed to show the real patients they have been duped by faux groups and people into believing they are “being represented” by those who want to “help” painful disease patients, when in reality they are merely being studied by these people and lied to by covert, government operated people, physicians, and orgs.
MORE… so much more.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash
Is this incredible, unbelievable? Yes.

Is it true? Yes. All of it.

Just consider one thing. Why would the CDC change any part of their guidelines after two years of nonstop begging by every single advocate group, patient and pain affiliate in America?

It is NOT because of some letter they received in November. Please. More on that con in Part II also.

CIAAG founder Lauren Deluca and board member Shasta Rayne Harner took these findings of fact they discovered independently through their very own research to Washington D.C. on Monday, April 8, 2019, to let Congress know the gig was up.

They spent three full days in meetings with Congress, Reps., & Senators, 4/8/2019–4/10/2019 while others played pretend.

Some time ago, I was informed of their findings, asked to assist with research moving forward, and asked to write about this horrific con job perpetrated upon the American people.

I am not a CIAAG member. I share a mutual relationship of shared respect and interests with its founder and board. No one is being paid — not here.

This has been an ongoing investigation by CIAAG. No one else.

What — are these others going to investigate… themselves?

In part II, you will see a plethora of findings of fact.

The ride is rough. Buckle up.

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