Where Is The Outrage For the Disabled, Elderly, America’s People Dying in Pain?

Some Media outlets and reporters are trying to tell the truth. We can take good honest reporting regardless of the reason. People are dying and committing suicide because of the governments hysteria and fake news.
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Where Is The Outrage For the Disabled, Elderly, America’s People Dying in Pain?

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Where Is The Outrage For the Disabled, Elderly, America’s People Dying in Pain?

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Where are the thousands protesting the wholesale abandonment of people in pain, from infants to elderly, even the terminally ill?
Heather Wargo
Jul 3

Little Conner* has had a rough start in life.

Almost 3 months old, he has a colostomy. Doctors are preparing to remove it, hoping his GI system will resume normal function.

His parents are anxious. The couple weeks with the colostomy have been the only ones the little boy hasn’t cried in pain — pretty much since birth.

Pain largely untreated.

The fear and frustration of seeing their tiny baby cry out and squirm in pain has undone the two.

Brushed off, gaslighted, given excuses, told lies, the parents have even switched hospitals hours apart solely due to the issue of pain management for their tiny son. It wrecked them, confused them, labeled them “problem parents” at hospital number one… merely asking their son be made comfortable, be given something for his obvious pain.

They were given the runaround, one provider even telling them it “was illegal” to give their infant son pain medication, as he screamed in his special bassinet, hooked to machines.


To be lied to outright…These unbelievably stressed parents (in regards to a lie easy to prove) began to distrust the entire healthcare system treating their son.

They arranged a transfer for the next day, enduring whispers, cold shoulders and raised eyebrows, worn like armament, by staff.

Hospital number two treated Connor’s pain upon arrival, without being begged, no hassle whatsoever.

The parents could slightly relax, seeing their son sleep for the first time without being tense, jerking in his sleep, crying out every few moments.

photo by vbonvenuto on Pixabay
Welcome to America’s Modern Healthcare System in 2019.
A Silent World that seems not to notice these people are slipping away.

In a world that bustles with activism one has to ask… where are the marches for those who suffer?

Those like Conner, or your next door neighbor who had a hip replacement and was given Tylenol IV for postop pain, or your boss at work, given Advil and 48 hours to recover from a complicated Caesarean section before given the boot to go home with no prescriptions.

Sent home to care for a 7 inch incision and a 9 pound newborn with no hope of pain relief?

Where are the elected officials demanding action for the American citizens who

plead for their loved ones to be treated with true dignity and respect for their excruciating pain at the end of their lives,
not warm blankets and anti-convulsant drugs?

Those elderly… over 60% of which choose euthanasia only to relieve the suffering of their families and reduce their burden…

not because they want to die, particularly.
They know no one would want to take care of them in this age of Selfishness.

Self sacrifice is legal if it saves an insurer or the government money, apparently.

The politician in 2019 is a person who is concerned with what they can get for themselves, not what they can get for those they represent, 30% of whom experience debilitating pain.

30%! It is truly

mind boggling.
When one considers the CDC, DHHS, and NIH are three government agencies that receive money for public health and have completely blown off Lyme disease, a disabling, debilitating disease that

infects over 300,000 Americans annually…
yet has only received $12 million in funding from Congress…

In turn, the so-called “opioid crisis”,

which killed less than 14,000 Americans
in actuality involving prescribed opioid medications in 2017… has received over $12 BILLION in funding in 2019, the public

sees which side the bread is buttered.
Where crony capitalism rules.

Where they received the most money in their pocket.

Where the cottage industry has reigned and they can skim the money off with NO accountability.

It is a struggle.

It is disillusioning.

It is, frankly,

soul crushing
to feel one belongs to a group in America that is so stigmatized that it deserves no consideration at all.

In fact, it is one of the few groups left that receives blatant disregard and undeserved slander.

The labels addict and seeker are slapped upon any person who dares to say they are in need of pain relief that over the counter medications do not provide. Engineered by

public relations offices
employed by those in government and stakeholder groups.

The science has been deliberately muddled by

experts… in propaganda
and self promotion.


are only good at one thing, looking out for their own bank account, and respectively?

They have done catastrophic damage to the right for pain treatment for all patients in their quest to fatten their bottom line.

What is the value of an ordinary life to people such as this?

To those with no conscience?

To this who calculate life in measures of medical cost and feed values?

To those who feel the general public exist to serve only as lab rats and study subjects for their next breakthrough?

Where is our hero?
Where are our protesters, our activists, our speakers? Our

Million Patient March?
Has no one out there a person dear to their heart who has suffered, who is suffering because of forced legislation, laws written by officials who know nothing of medicine, metabolism, and chemistry, but know about money, kickbacks, and how good it looks to grab a headline that “sounds tough on opioids” when the patients aren’t even the problem or the ones who need to bear the burden of legislation?

Who knew in 20-freaking-19 pain care would be worse than it was in the Middle Ages and patients would be committing suicide in huge numbers because their autonomy and freedom were yanked away?

That patients would be told to imagine being pain free… instead of being given the readily available medication to make them… pain free?

That people would start to

shun world class healthcare
because their fear of being left in excruciating pain was larger and more legitimate than their belief in the system, in the carrot being dangled labeled “CURE”…or at least (empty) promises of being eased of their symptoms?

Where are our voices?
The tide of our voices, the symphony of our music, joined in a chorus of one, stating

“We will not stand for this any longer, not for ourselves, not for our brothers or sisters or mothers or fathers, not for our sons or daughters. Not for our neighbors and no one, in fact.”

“No more.”
“We will be heard. You will hear our pain. You will see our faces. You will know our lives.”

“You will no longer prevent our pain from being treated quickly, compassionately and completely.”

How anyone can entertain a different mindset is

incredibly sad…
Indicative of how lost our society is… when one third of our population has suffered or suffers long lasting pain and is wholesale ignored or, worse, stigmatized and rejected by the media, medicine, and their own country.

Those suffering wait in vain to be noticed

to matter
while their very lives are bartered in Congress to the highest bidder and the media continues to propagate false “facts”.

As our Opioid Expert of America™, Dr. Josh Bloom, writes:

In a country so respectful of individuals’ rights, it is unimaginable that we would surrender the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship without a whimper.

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