Social Engineering Leveraging the “Opioid Crisis

Some Media outlets and reporters are trying to tell the truth. We can take good honest reporting regardless of the reason. People are dying and committing suicide because of the governments hysteria and fake news.
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Social Engineering Leveraging the “Opioid Crisis

Post by admin » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:30 am

Social Engineering Leveraging the “Opioid Crisis”
How a government contractor engineered America into “Terror of Addiction”
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Heather Wargo
Apr 15

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As an advocate, one thing I have encountered over and over in talking with lawmakers and their staff is rampant terror of addiction.

People are virtually terrified of becoming addicted to opioids and are convinced they will become an opioid addict if they take an opioid for more than one or two days in a row, even if they have taken opioids years ago without an issue, or have no history of addiction behaviors.

They are suffering horrible, painful procedures and assuring others “I didn’t get any opioids!” so people will not screech the words “addict” or “pill popper” at them.

We can lay the blame for America’s new phobia at the feet of the company named Abt. Associates, a 50 year old business that hides in plain sight, dictating policy on all American lives in a variety of social avenues.

They are government contractors, paid with your tax dollars to influence you, much like a YouTuber or Instagram Influencer… except, once again, you didn’t choose.

No one asked them.

Well… society didn’t ask them.

In 2008, Abt. Associates came on the schedule drug and health care scene with their study about stimulants, adults and kids. However, they had already been deep in Big Government’s pocket, helping drive policy change for Medicare and Medicaid.

Their mission statement reads, “Our mission is to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide… Our work with vulnerable populations makes a real impact; we are accountable for that work and how we do it.”

Accountable? We will come back to this.

As the government decided to execute a population study/clinical trial of the entire United States population, they had to find a way to get society to cooperate unwittingly. No consent? No problem. We will use our friends at Abt Associates to socially engineer American society into it.

And they did.

We have so many different stakeholders and different players involved in this con job that is being perpetrated on the American people, that it can be difficult at times to unsnarl all of them to show how deeply enmeshed Abt. Associates has become.

For example, we have the new and improved (AHRQ) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which offers the “Atlas Integrated Behavioral Health Care Quality Measures”. Of course, we knew they were compromised already. Who else prepared these measures but Abt. Associates? A company ran by sociologists and financiers. Not one physician or pharmacist or anyone trained in medicine or pharmacology. All their “facts” are engineered to dupe patients.

We see Abt. Associates has also “partnered” up with the MacColl Center for Healthcare Innovation, another nonprofit supposedly for chronic illness patients, for patient rights and wellness. Mega insurer Kaiser Permanente is along for the ride, as well as Washington Health Alliance.

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute,(PCORI), a favorite of universities such as Stanford’s, Pain Program, is also tied into Abt. Associates, having hired Abt. Associates as a contractor to “facilitate Evidence to Action Networks” …“for PCORI awardees”.

So many companies, such as L&M Policy Research, partnering with Abt. Associates and Bailit Health to provide “high quality research” for the government.

It would almost be shorter to list the companies and industry leaders Abt. Associates isn’t enmeshed with… versus attempting to list the ones they are.

Leveraging a “Crisis”
How did they actually decide to do this? To “leverage” the opioid crisis?

Funnily enough, a little read article in Health IT Analytics lays out their entire lie, from beginning to end.

I doubt the author of the piece realized what they were actually writing when they penned the words, but this piece from their site highlights every single point we have found to be true in CIAAG’s investigation.

The article is titled, Addressing Opioid Abuse with Analytics, Population Health Strategies-Opioid abuse is reaching epidemic levels. How can providers leverage data analytics and population health management strategies to respond?

It was originally published November 2, 2016.

The “providers” weren’t the ones leveraging — they have been as duped as the patients for the most part — but the rest of the title is comical to read.

How interesting this comes months after the CDC Guidelines, the ones Abt. Associates freely admits they were hired to help implement.

However, an epic failure in “curbing” opioid abuse, as they knew it would be — as per the article. With the exception of a horrifically false statistic in the beginning paragraphs, addicts aren’t patients in the first place, the article acknowledges this in multiple areas (contradicting that stupid statistic) while still admonishing doctors for overprescribing. A dictonomy that makes no sense on its face. Medical misuse is from nonpatients. We have known this for years.

The entire premise of guidelines to reign in so-called “abuse” that wasn’t even occurring in the population being “reigned in” is epic stupidity — unless one realizes that wasn’t the point at all.

The REAL point was to get all patients off opioids, no matter what the cost.

THAT has been achieved flawlessly. Abt. Associates did their job as hired.

We see this. It speaks volumes, reveals the lie:

In contrast, “doctor shopping” may be a relatively limited phenomenon, says the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse.
One assessment from 2008 indicates that only 0.7 percent of patients actively attempted to scam providers into issuing duplicate prescriptions — although a group of 135,000 “extreme” con artists were able to obtain an average of 32 prescriptions from ten different prescribers in less than a year.
So… “extreme” con artists, eh?

0.7% of the patients.

The company that helped the CDC instill the guidelines on prescribing opioids for management of chronic non cancer pain did so with the knowledge that 0.7% of the patient population were actual “doctor shoppers”.

Hmmmm. Remember when Abt. Associates said in their mission statement they are accountable?

The article goes on to quote Abt. Associates’ Douglas McDonald phD in sociology. They put Dr. in front of his name to make the reader think he is… well… a medical doctor talking with authority about medical issues.

No. He has a PhD in Sociology. And a M. Phil in Sociology.

Surely, that qualifies him as a medical expert for the entire country, qualified in prescribing medications, dosages, amounts, and complex painful conditions.

We have been duped, by… well… Abt. Associates, into allowing all manner of people throughout the United States to practice medicine unlicensed, and here we see where that insulting, outrageous notion gets its origin.

McDonald says:

“For every day out of the year, that’s a lot of drug,” McDonald commented. “Of course, we don’t have X-ray vision or trackers on these people to know for certain they are abusing or distributing opioids. But we can draw some inferences about who these people in this extreme group are.”
This is a utterly profound observation. I am bowled over by the eloquence of this proclamation.

And see, everyone, — they can “draw inferences” (ie, make sh** up) about “who these people” are.

The article continues into the topic of PDMPs (prescription drug monitoring programs) another egregious civil rights violation that has failed, and then touts the National Pain Strategy.

Because the Guidelines weren’t enough. They didn’t do the complete job. Plus the NPS is full of the language they like — patient centered, holistic healthcare…

This is the Institute of Medicine’s “pre” National Pain Strategy document. We see our friend Roger Chou- same one who wrote the CDC Guidelines- here too.

Read "Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and…

Read chapter 1 Introduction: Chronic pain costs the nation up to $635 billion each year in medical treatment and lost…
This article ends with this bizarre and ill written paragraph, as awkward as the entire premise they are forwarding behind their lies, the actual true reason for all of this — a society based clinical trial/study:

A combination of data analytics, health information exchange, more careful prescribing habits, and a population health approach to patient management may start to reduce the availability of pain killers for non-medical users, closing down pathways to abuse before patients can succumb to their addictive properties.
“Closing down pathways to abuse before patients can succumb to their addictive properties.”

But didn’t you just say it was only 0.7% anyway?

What is going on here, really? Who are you actually “helping”?

I do agree with Abt. Associates. I think they are accountable.

They should be charged with what they have done.

Perpetrating a hoax upon the American people. Mass brainwashing and seduction of the entire United States. Murder and manslaughter of thousands of innocent people.

Abt. Associates weaponized even the very word opioid to mean dirty, addict, liar, bad parent, useless, lazy.

No one is immune from being quickly and publicly shamed if they say a word in support of opioid therapy.

All due to their successful agenda of Social Engineering the public.

They have successfully stayed in the shadows, yet are responsible for it all. Stayed in the shadows until now.

You need to know who is responsible for influencing you. One of the key players is Abt. Associates.

Maybe they should be told how much they hurt painful disease patients. How much is a life in dollars to them? That is the only language they understand.

How many have died due to their campaign fueled by greed. The suicides, the deaths due to untreated pain… all of those were preventable and quickly so.

All due to this “job”.

All due to duping the American people to participate in a study they never consented to.

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